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Nested on the ground floor of one of the borough’s newest and tallest high-rises, decked out in chi-chi modernist décor, and with virtual dibs on the bucolic Gantry Plaza State Park and the pristine Midtown Manhattan skyline. Riverview offers an uncharacteristically peaceful NYC outdoor dining experience; for another, the food is commendable. For starters, the tuna nicoise's dressing has a pleasant, lasting earthiness. And entrees like the seafood fettuccini, with its potent lemony broth and basil notes are flavorful. All in all, the Riverview's meals are distinctive, ample, and reasonably priced. Riverview Restaurant & Lounge is undeniably "A Room with a View"!

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Chef Jeremy Segal

Head Chef

Raised in Paris, and studied in Burgundy France, Chef Jeremey Segal mixes flavors from most cultures and countries, that he has been too from Thailand to Houstin, Texas to New York City. Originally from Queens NY, his knowledge of French cuisine makes his dishes unique in flavor, Also the fact that he worked for the biggest and finest French catering company , he will make your dining experience or you event unforgettable..

GM: Hassan Raouf

General Manager


Monica Reyes



I cook with Wine
Sometimes I even add it to the food!